Picture Perfect

Today was such an amazing day! Why? Today is the first time in over a month that I didn’t have to take pain killers. WHAT! My head felt great, the best it has in months. I’m not sure if it’s from the steroids or just that I’m healing more every day. But no pain to me means that my tumor hasn’t grown back so I’ll take it! It’s hard to believe.

Aside from that I don’t have much to update so I thought that I would update my blog with some recent, fun pictures (well mostly fun, the first one isn’t fun, but it’s real life so I wanted to share) because pictures are fun and say a lot more than I can write right now.

IMG_2689This is what my morning looks like every day. A shot in the arm (I look like I got beat up I’m so bruised from daily shots) and 15 pills. And then I get to repeat the pills in the evening. I used to be terrible at taking meds but having cancer has made me a professional pill taker. Adding that to my resume for sure.

IMG_2672“Mommy, can you take my picture with Minnie?”

IMG_2676Some snapchat fun with my favorite girl!IMG_2677IMG_2678Oh how I love this little girl!

IMG_2692We had some friends drive in for a couple hours today so I actually put my face on and rocked my new Lula (Thanks Carleigh!!!) It was so amazing to see some familiar faces (even if it has been 3.5 years!). I love that about friendships, how you can just pick up right where you left off.


Today was simply a good day!


29 thoughts on “Picture Perfect

    1. I am so glad you had such a great day! You look so healthy and I hope all those pills and the shot are doing their important job! I look forward to your posts!


  1. Loved today’s post πŸ™‚ Think you’re amazing and continuing to pray for your healing. I hope tomorrow is just as good as today. Blessings to you.


  2. Great post. It reminded me of one of the songs from the movie, Legally Blonde.

    “….on this perfect day
    nothing’s standing in my way
    on this perfect day
    where nothing can go wrong
    it’s the perfect day
    tomorrow’s gonna come too soon
    i could stay forever as i am
    on this perfect day…”

    Keep having them and keep finding the joy! πŸ’•


  3. Praising God with you for no pain today. So good to hear you enjoyed your day. Pictures of you and your little are so precious.


  4. It is so wonderful to see God’s beacon of light shining through you! You are a walking miracle… a testimony of the goodness of God. We hope to see you soon. God bless you and your familyβ™₯


  5. What a wonderful update! Glory to God for a a day with no pain! Prayers for more days with no pain. The pictures of you and Sara are so precious! Sending love and blessings from the Perrin family.


  6. You are radiant, Stephanie! Great update – totally set the tone for my day. Sarah is such a sweet pea ❀ Here's to more good days ahead!


  7. You are just too beautiful! Simply love the pic you posted with your “face” on. Here’ s to another good day tomorrow, Stephanie. And the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that … and Sarah is just adorable! Enjoy every single second with her during her childhood. My “baby” turned 33 last week. Can’t believe it! At least I get to see him pretty regularly, and he tells me “I love you” every time he takes his leave πŸ˜ƒ


  8. So wonderful to hear you had a great day with no headache! Praying that is the case for the rest of your days. You look beautiful Stephanie!


  9. You are such a beautiful woman!! What a great update and adorable pictures. Praying for more times like this for you all.


  10. You are beautiful inside and out! Thank you for the posts and look forward to reading them and seeing what the Lord is doing in your life. Continued prayers.


  11. Stephanie – I know we don’t know each other personally, but we do have a few common friends and I’ve been keeping up with your story. My (very healthy) mother was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer this past fall, so I can appreciate the pure shock that you and your family have been dealing with.

    I happened to see this article via Fr. James Martin and when I read that this priest who is “up for sainthood” is from Oklahoma, I immediately thought of you. You’ve had some good luck with Oklahomans so far, so I thought you might want to trying praying for the intercession of Fr. Rother, and who knows, maybe your healing will be the miracle he needs to become a Saint!

    Praying for you and wishing you & your loved ones peace!


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  12. Praise God for a no pain, only fun day with your beautiful family and friends!! I am so glad to be reading this post this evening!! Continued prayers for more days like today!! Oxox


  13. Hi Stephany I wrote you on this part but not sure if you got it maybe I did something wrong it said it was sending it… I’m Tracy Ferguson Sister Lisa Franceschini
    .. I SO much look forward to anything you write… I can’t get enough of your journey you have in your Life.. My Son Zaron had Hodgkins Lymphoma st 15 an is now 29… My mother in law had Brain Cancer…and I remember when she came out of .her surgery she said I would like a Tylenol because I have a spilting headache we chuckled she just had.hours of brain surgery…. I want to wish you well with Love from my heart…..Stay Strong….


  14. My messege keeps saying my messege is waiting modification…am I doing something wrong you send my post to you….I enjoy writing to touch an hearing your updates and progress…Stay Strong….


  15. Love the snapshots, you are looking wonderful so glad you’re having a good day. Still in my prayers and I love Sarah’s singing.πŸ’žπŸŽΆπŸŽ€


  16. Thanks for sharing your good and bad with us. I pray everyday for a complete recovery for you. God has something special for you and your family. Bless you, always!


  17. A pain-free day….what a super gift from God!!!

    My first thought was that Sarah looks like Michael, but after seeing the bunny picture, I think she definitely has your beautiful eyes.

    Prayers for your complete healing coming from my home in Centerville, Ohio.


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