He’s got the whole WORLD in His hands

Sorry I’ve been rather quiet this week. I started to blog yesterday but I just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t feel like I had much to report or update on, even though life hasn’t slowed down. I had been thinking a lot about how I have been waiting to hear from God on what I’m supposed to do. I feel like He has been pretty quiet considering how “loud” He has been over the past few months.  What is it that He needs or wants me to do? Am I missing something?

I’m going to back track a little before I get to the good stuff. The day of my surgery, 6 weeks ago, the Public Relations (PR) at the hospital, Travis, peeked in my room and introduced himself. My nurses had shared my story with him and he wanted to come  introduce himself to me and just chat. Over the following weeks he kept in touch, always checking to see how I’m feeling or if I needed anything, and asked how I felt about them doing a story on me and/or my surgeon. Obviously I didn’t hesitate because if my blog found it’s way to a surgeon who could operate on my “inoperable” brain tumor, how many people could this reach and help? Well, like I mentioned, things have been pretty quiet over here, until yesterday when the Lord spoke LOUD AND CLEAR. I got a phone call yesterday about a news station who wanted to do my story along with my surgeon. Who you might ask? ABC World News. I was absolutely floored. This was it. This is the beginning of me sharing my testimony.

They asked me yesterday (Friday), if I could do a Skype interview today (Saturday) for it to air this Sunday (tomorrow). I was a tad nervous about the interview today but I knew I would say what needed to be said. My best friend sent me this yesterday and it was exactly the comfort I needed for today.

“But when they give you up to the leaders do not be anxious about how or what you are to speak, for what you are to say will be given to you in the very hour and moment.” Matthew 10:19

I just finished up with my interview a few minutes ago and I felt like it went great. I was interviewed for about 10 minutes and they are interviewing my surgeon separately so I’m sure they won’t use all of my clips but they really set me up with some great questions to share my story in the way that I want it to be told. I’m hoping they will use the Faith aspect of it that I shared, but I guess we will all have to wait until tomorrow! I got choked up at one point but was able to keep myself together. What the camera couldn’t see was Michael crouched next to me holding my hand to comfort me. He really is the best.


So tune into ABC World News Tonight tomorrow, Sunday April 9th at 6:00/6:30 Eastern depending on your local station, to hear the story!



19 thoughts on “He’s got the whole WORLD in His hands

  1. That’s amazing! Please post the link to watch the interview if you can! I will try to find it on the internet tomorrow!!! Hugs and prayers!!


  2. It was so great meeting you and your family this past December. Karen gave us the link to your blog, and I’m so glad she did – it’s wonderful! And we look forward to seeing your story shared on ABC World News. Your outlook and faith are an inspiration. Brent & Dawn Beatty, Angela Clifton Photography


  3. That is so cool! They may cut out your words but they cannot remove what someone who’s hope is in the LORD looks like!


  4. AWESOME Stephanie!! There goes God again using you for a greater purpose! Can’t wait to watch it!

    – Matthew 10:20 ” for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.”


  5. How awesome!! Can’t wait to see it! God is SO good!!
    Your faith is such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing! Our prayers continue, of course!


  6. I have only out one other comment on here, but I have been following you from the very beginning when my friend, Buffy, shared your story. I pray for you all the time – you are an amazing person with amazing faith and I find that so inspirational. This blog today gave me goosebumps. Your story is making an impact on people everywhere and what a testimony that is!


  7. This is amazing news! I know it will bring hope to so many in your situation or similar to it. But I really hope it shows that God is not dead.. he is fully alive and working through you and all the lives you have touched with just your words of faith.. what a blessing


  8. That is truly amazing!! This could very well be an answer to someone else’s prayers!! Prayers of joy! Will be watching! Be blessed; bless; and bless even more!


  9. I wouldn’t worry about the words that you’ve spoken, because whom ever needs this message will hear what they need to hear! Just enjoy the moment!


  10. This is wonderful news, Stephanie! Dr. Malone and I will be glued to the tube! We look forward to hearing your testimony!


  11. What an inspirational interview. They even had it on our local news here in San Antonio not just major channel. God is so great! Tried to share on your Facebook page but couldn’t. Love to you both! Keep the Faith Hope and Love ❤


  12. Again – this isn’t inspirational, but just an observation – your hair looks great! I’m so happy for you that it didn’t all fall out! I hate I missed the news story on you!


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