That’s a wrap! 

Not really, but that was pretty cool. I was very anxious about how my story would be shared-would it be mostly about my surgeon? Would it focus on social media entirely? Would they air what I had to share about my Faith? Would they use the interview clips from today or yesterday? (They used today’s-I looked way better yesterday haha). So many unknowns. But they did such a beautiful job and shared the message that I wanted to share! This is not about me, or brain cancer or social media. It’s about glorifying God in whatever way he is wanting to use us. I look at my body like a tux rental. This body isn’t mine. It was loaned to me here on earth to spread the news of Our gracious God but eventually it is turned back in and our souls vanish from it.  Isn’t that what your tux does? 
I’m very surprised they didn’t use my crying bits. Which is absolutely fine. I just thought that would for sure be what they wanted! Some of the questions were very deep and hard to think about.  It’s to the place where I don’t let myself go often, the what if’s? And they were hard to answer, but I did. How does it feel to be 27 and diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor when you are a young mother? It’s very hard. But you stay positive and cling to every ounce of hope in your body and you just don’t let yourself “go there.” It’s just hard to get sad with everything that has happened. It’s hard to see this story end sadly when it’s been so happy (at least mostly happy). 

Speaking of tenant, I hadn’t really seen the before and after until today, at least not that I remember.  It’s pretty neat! In the world of glioblastoma it doesn’t mean much because “they always grow back.” But it’s not there now and this scan was a month ago so that’s good enough for me right now. God has this! I just know it! 

Did you notice they didn’t say anything about it being cancer? Or glioblastoma? I think that’s a good thing. I think it just means my theory of it being past tense is right. Also, it doesn’t matter, but I’m 27.  I am not as old as Michael (love you, darling!) 😛 

Here is the link to watch the story again if you missed it or if you wanted the link! Please feel free to share it as much as you like. Share awareness and the love of the Lord!

A huge thank you to Dr. Sughrue for reaching out when he did and working a miracle, Travis for sharing our story and to ABC for picking up our story and sharing it in such a beautiful way. I can’t wait to look back on this in the years to come! 


11 thoughts on “That’s a wrap! 

  1. LOVE YOU Stephanie!!
    SO many more people with health challenges are much more aware of the power that faith can bring them – how it brings wonderful people like you and Dr. Sughrue together – because of YOUR story!!
    Faith, Hope & Love!!!


  2. You did a great job and looked beautiful. All glory and praise goes to our God. Praising God and continuing prayers for complete healing.


  3. I have it recorded but our whole family was in the room when this came on and we watched. I cried a bit in the kitchen getting the dinner together after steve grilled on this beautiful Palm Sunday. I am such an emotional big baby for everything with message or song. I’m the kind of person that gets laughed at cause tears come. They focused on only you. I think the news was crunched in so much. But they focused on you and your family alone and that was so wonderful. Big hugs to you all.


  4. Brought tears to my eyes watching your interview. I’m so Happy to know you and am proud of the gracious young woman of God you are. Keep following your heart and sharing your message of Love & Hope to the world!

    “She knew she was formed by God’s hands dreamed up in His heart & placed in this world for a purpose.”

    My continued Prayers for complete healing.
    Love You, Stephanie!


  5. I’ve been reading and praying with and for you since I luckily came across your blog and getting to see and hear you made me feel even closer to you. You are an inspiration to so many and I truly feel like He is using you and your story to show that faith, love and hope are all we really need (and a really crazy good doctor in OK!!). Praying for complete healing!!!


  6. Stephanie – I work with your Uncle Dave, and he is so proud of you and the way you’ve handled yourself during this journey. When we face crisis, we find out just how deep our faith roots go. How precious your example is of choosing to look to the Lord in the midst of it, see His goodness, and trust Him no matter what. He is faithful to provide us with His peace. And something profound happens at the same time, our trust roots grow deeper – and we experience that love of His that is deeper and wider than we could imagine. I have learned through my own loss just how faithful He is. No one can ever take away from you that “knowing” you’ve learned that He never leaves you and has you in His hands, no matter what. What a powerful testimony you have of His love, faithfulness and goodness. I pray many years of health and wellness to you and your precious family.


  7. I watched your story also. It made me cry. My sister Colleen Cornell also had a brain tumor, glioblastoma in the center of her brain. They said it was inoperable and she never received surgery. It is good that this was televised because I know if she would have heard about this she would have tried it. When I read your blog your date of diagnosis really made me get emotional. My sister passed February 17, 2016. I am so happy for you that you found a doctor that would operate. I love your positive spirit and yes God is in control and keep your faith. Whenever possible keep telling your story. Someone out there may be in need of that information. Not only of your treatment but your witness of your faith. God Bless you and your family, and I am very interested in your story.


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