Getting into the swing of things 

This past week has been a roller coaster. Mostly ups but definitely some downs too. Now that we are home, I’ve found there is more to do around here than when we were in a hotel. It leaves less time for blogging that’s for sure. Being home has been amazing though. It brings a whole different level of comfort that a hotel simply cannot bring. It’s weird though, because we aren’t getting back into the swing of things because everything is so different and new. So we are trying to establish a new “swing of things” and figure out how to make everything work. 
The downs of this week? The main thing is the return of my headache. It’s not as bad as it was before my surgery but it feels the same so that scares me some. I try not to think that it’s come back but it’s hard not to go there. I went there a few nights ago and it made me have a flown blown anxiety attack. Body shaking and all. But I’m feeling better about things now. Even if it has grown back, I can handle it. I’m just giving it to God and praying everything will still continue to be ok. And I know it will.
The ups? There are quite a few! I’ve been able to see a few friends and family in the past week so that has been amazing. Michael’s mom was here for a couple days and was so helpful to us and to Sarah. I’m so thankful for her willingness to just drop everything and come help us. And then two of my very best friends came to visit me this weekend. The three of us haven’t hung out in a year and a half so It had been way too long. But it was so needed and so amazing seeing them. They even got to see me give my testimony at church this morning! Our priest asked if I would share our story this morning and as much as I keep saying I don’t like public speaking, the more I share my story, the easier it gets. It was pretty funny though. I spent about two hours writing out my testimony to use this morning. Well of course I spent all that time and forgot to bring it haha! I was actually surprisingly calm when I realized I left it at home. It was just a sign that God didn’t want me to use my own words, but His. So I went up there and just talked freely. And it went surprisingly well! I’m definitely glad it worked out that way and I spoke freely. In addition to sharing my testimony at our church, our story has spread even more. Fox News did an article on us, and I was contacted this week by People’s Magazine for an interview for their online news. I have no doubt I’m being called to share our story, it just blows my mind because this is NEVER something I thought I would be doing. 

Next week I go to meet with our new doctors and establish a treatment plan. There’s no cure (as everyone already knows) but it will be good to go in and have a “plan” going forward and hear about some clinical trial options. Thank you for all the continued prayers! 


7 thoughts on “Getting into the swing of things 

  1. Sweet Stephanie, I am so happy and thankful you are home. I pray your headaches will grow fewer and less frequent and then will leave completely. May God’s living waters wash over you and heal you. God bless you sweet girl. I will see you at mass soon.❤


  2. Stephanie, I am so glad you have had the chance to connect with friends and I hope the headache just disappears again right away. I am always interested in reading how things are going and I’m keeping you in my prayers. I don’t know if you know my friend Johanna (Almquist) – she told me about you and gave me the link to your blog. Her Great Aunt Becky is my best friend – Becky and I have known each other since she was born and our Moms were best friends (both are gone now). Anyway…you might wonder why I have an interest in your story. I love it that you are able to provide so much wonderful testimony and I love your strong faith! My name is Suzy.


  3. Today is Divine Mercy Sunday – Jesus I trust in you. Jesus I trust In you. Jesus I trust in you. Amen When the anxiety seems to be overwhelming, say over and over Jesus I trust in you. I am so blessed to be following your journey. You are an inspiration to each of us and God is using you in mighty ways.


  4. Proverbs..5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight…

    Love the colors of your dress. You are absolutely glowing. I’m sure it’s also because of your reunion with your friends. 😍😊


  5. Stephanie,
    This is Dee– my husband and I sat next to you and your family at Easter mass. You have such a sweet little girl and I was so pleased to meet you guys.
    Continued prayers for you. I understand your anxieties very well but keep the faith. I pray that you’ll continue to trust in God knowing that with man it is impossible but with Him ALL things are possible.
    I speak healing over you, peace and joy in Jesus Holy name!
    Don’t know who your new doctors are but my radiation doctor was Dr Murshed in Lynn Haven. He was absolutely great and calls his patients on the weekends to check on them.
    God bless you!


  6. Read about your problem on and it really touched closed to home. My mom had 3 surgeries to removed her glioblastoma grade 4 tumor in a different location. Each time kept coming back. No chemo, radiation, gamma knife procedure worked until we read about a doctor doing a clinical trial on his tumor with accutane, melatonin, tamofixin and a antiseizure drug I believe and she was able to have her 3rd operation because she was too weak before and the tumor started shrinking on this regimen. She stayed on this regimen for a while and eventually stopped taking all medicine and lasted 10 years the week she passed. At least 4-5 years no medicine. Although she developed hydrocheplaus probably becausing having too many surgeries in the same spot to remove the tumor my guess and had to have a shunt put in, we don’t believe the tumor actually came back at least not the year before she passed we know for a fact. We decided not to find out the real reason she passed because she been through too much and at this point just wanted her to be in peace. I pray this doesn’t happen to you but if you need a doctor that did this clinical trial her doctors name was Dr. Joseph Landolfi in Edision, NJ at JFK neuroscience institute. When my mom passed I emailed them and they responded they actually talked about my mom the other day caused they had another young lady diagnosis with this terrible disease and thought about doing the clinical trial on her. You might be able to google doctor with brain tumor on brain tumor survial site also. My dad kept a journal throughout her illness and also gave it to them. Good Luck! Just have a positive attitude because it definately went a long way for my mom.


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