I am officially on the optune train! It’s a very interesting device and it’s surprising me in all sorts of ways. For one, I don’t hate being bald-it’s so much easier for my new, slower lifestyle not having to do my hair everyday. Having to carry this back pack all the time can get heavy and annoying but I just can’t bring myself to complain about it. There are so many people who would have loved the OPPORTUNity to wear this crazy thing.  (ohhhhhhhh, now I get it! Optune…opportunity) . It’s been KIND OF FUN picking out new hats, jewelry, wigs, etc. (sure I don’t like the reason but it’s still shopping!) 
     Overall, the pain situation and headaches are moving in the right direction. I think I have a pinched nerve in my neck but that’s not worth blogging about. I started up my second round of chemo Monday so I have been doing that whole thing this week. I was really sick with it on Tuesday (like sicker in that one morning than I was my whole first round). They doubled the dosage so it makes sense. Two more nights left of round 2 followed by my 3rd round of chemo next month. I’m praying this round of chemo does what it needs to do and then it can kindly see its way out 🙂

It’s actually 4 stickers so it’s not convenient or easy or time saving yet! 😛


23 thoughts on “Opportunity 

  1. I agree with the above commenters–Stephanie you really do look beautiful!! It looks like you’re doing a retro bathing-beauty swim-cap type of pose 😄😄 Hoping and praying the chemo is doing exactly what it needs to and that you stay strong and feel better soon!!


  2. I just love your positive attitude … and your simply gorgeous smile. You are a simply beautiful girl, and so encouraging. Keep it up, girl. Keep it up!


  3. Stephanie, you look so cute and I love the way you posed. I’m sorry the chemo made you feel sick. You are so great at keeping a positive attitude! And I know that’s helping your health, too!


  4. Oh my goodness you are so precious!! Your beautiful smile could light up any room! Continued prayers for your health, strength, and your family. Psalm 121❤


  5. What Stinkin adorable pose! God is smilining down on you as he takes you through this journey. Im sirry the chemo is making you sick…just remember everyone it’s temporary and you will get through this. I know easy for me to say but I just know God has a plan for you.


  6. I’ve been following you through a friend and I just have to agree with all the above comments – your attitude is what’s getting you through this and you truly are a beautiful soul. You have the most dazzling smile! You are covered in prayer by countless people. Stay strong and positive, young lady!


  7. I have been following your blog, and this is my first time commenting. I love reading your words, seeing your family pics, and seeing your AMAZING smile! You are a strong, blessed, and loved lady! Look at your cute, little, flamingo pose!!! 🙂 Love and prayers coming your way each and every day!


  8. Praying for your next round of chemo to go well! You are such a beautiful soul. Father Michael’s homily today talked about how, as part of our parish mission, we are set ablaze for the world to see by the generosity of God’s love. You are such a lighthouse for so many people by allowing God to shine through you!!


  9. Hi Stephanie, my name is Megan and I’m from Missouri. I am 37 years old, married with 3 young boys. In February of last year, I was diagnosed with a malignant grade 3 astrocytoma brain tumor. I to have been told that it is inoperable from 3 different Dr’s. I have gone thru a 30 day radiation treatment and chemo treatment as well. The tumor has shrunk but is not completely gone. It is located near my brain stem in the left cerebellum area.
    I read your story and felt that you were telling my story! I started out having minor headaches and then my vision was changing. I had my eyes checked and got glasses. Six months later, I still was having headaches that gradually got worse and then turning to horrible migraines. I finally went to my primary Dr and he sent me for an MRI. February 2nd 2016, I was told there was a mass. February 18th I had my biopsy done, and 3 weeks later I was diagnosed with a malignant grade 3 brain tumor.
    The tumor is still there and I go every 3 months for an MRI “to keep an eye” on it. I still headaches and my vision seems to be getting a lit bit worse. The Dr’s tell me that it’s my “new normal”.
    I read your story and would love to talk to you more about that Dr that did your surgery in Oklahoma. I did look him up and read a little about him. I would like to talk to you about him first.
    If you could please message me that would be wonderful. I’m on facebook with instant messaging. My name is Megan Vansell from Missouri. I hope to hear from you.
    By the way, you look fantastic! You look very positive, and that is what you need to be, even thru the roughest parts of all this. Thank you Stephanie for reading my story and again I hope I here from you.


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