How am I REALLY doing? 

I get that question a lot. It cracks me up because people ask me that as if I’m lying about how I feel haha. I try to be as open and honest about this whole experience but maybe I need to be a little more raw! I really am doing ok…right this second. 

It amazes me how quickly I can go from smiling and laughing to hurled over in a ball on the floor. Luckily that doesn’t happen often and hasn’t in a few weeks, but those are the daily extremes I deal with…SOMETIMES. Cancer is a fast moving ball game so one minute you might feel great and then the next you will be completely done for the day. And when the bursts of energy come it’s SO hard not to use every ounce.  It’s hard for me to find the right balance of resting while still being productive. The doctor wants me to start working out “again.” That was cute. They thought I used to work out! So I’m trying to get up and move more. Once this LP finishes healing (pretty sure I have nerve damage still healing in my back) I should be able to move around a little easier. 

As if my look with optune wasn’t awesome enough, I’ve added glasses to the mix. Just for writing and reading as of now, but I definitely needed some help in the vision department. I’m sure the tumor is what is causing the vision changes (I was warned of vision loss when I was diagnosed). Add another doctor appointment to the calendar! 

Where Blogging meets Optune!


19 thoughts on “How am I REALLY doing? 

  1. Love the comment about working out “again”. Made me laugh and laughter is good medicine. I like the glasses and agree with Susie, very studious looking. Prayers continue.


  2. Stephanie there is nothing that you are going through that takes away from you and you to us. I can’t imaging the drag on the body and the mind. I can’t imagine the nausea and I am a horrible big baby about nausea and barfing. I fight it. It’s my weakness. But you tackle it and I learn from you. All of my kids, christine , anna , and Noah now need glasses. That are their own ray ban club. It’s my weak eyes. Your head is going through so much. My heart feels for you and I also feel joy in seeing your posts and knowing you are there and so you and funny and relatable and faithful and beautiful. Hugs you.


  3. Dear dear Stephanie,
    Thank you for CONTINUING to share your REAL experiences with us. My quadriplegic friend Kenneth and I often recall a message we heard in 1990 at the International Congress on the Church and Disability: “It’s SO daily”.
    Even as Jesus taught us to pray “Give us this day our DAILY bread”, He assures us that God is Our Father…. and His will WILL be done.
    And how often I rely on Phil 2:13 “for it is God Who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose” as He brings you to mind daily. And my prayers cover all that I can only imagine, yet I am very sure He knows AND that “He will never leave or forsake you”… or me, or your precious family, or my friend Kenneth….for we are His beloved, His chosen:
    “For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world ” Eph 1:4

    jude&Jesus … in Whose Name I pray
    … and who both love you, my dear sister in our Lord.


  4. Stephanie, I’ve been following your journey since the beginning! I started to write something on a couple posts back but my phone died:/ figured you’d hopefully see it here too. I don’t have much to say that hasn’t already been said- but when I saw you mention eyebrows I felt compelled to comment! It’s sort of my thing- I have LOTS of practice with products and styles- my best friend is an “eyebrow artist” 😅 Yes that’s a thing! I wanted to give my two cents. Have you tried Anastasia Beverley hills products? They have an amazing dip brow pomade and a perfectly angled brush. Check out their site. It’s a little more $$ but seriously lasts forever! It’s all about the natural looking strokes that resemble eyebrow hair. They even have stencils you can use. And if you’re looking for something more permanent (semi) you should check out microblading. It’s a semi permanent tattoo that replicates eyebrow hairs so it looks very natural. Lasts about a year and is around $300-$400. I know it’s not the most important thing in the big picture. I just know how those little things can help to make you feel normal again. I pray for you often and your family. I hope this message reaches you! I know you are so busy. Much love ❤️


  5. You still look adorable with the glasses! You have a look about you that just makes me smile. Praying for you and Michael every day.


  6. Your physical health goes up and down like a rollercoaster and is so difficult to adjust to the constant changes,but your spirit soars with leaps of humor, gratitude, love and hope which is all of God. May His glory be praised by healing you in time so you can witness more to His power and grace.


  7. Love the new look! The glasses certainly add to your chic’ness. Your light hearted humor lightens all our hearts…..Backatcha’….have a blessed day. Continuing the prayers for you!


  8. The way you are describing how you feel from one day to the next is a reminder to me to live each day fully and not take life for granted. Thank you. I hope you have more and more better days ahead.

    And those are some Awesome glasses! You are still so adorable!! ❤


  9. Praying for you my friend! I can’t imagine all that your going through, but your doing it with such grace, humor and incredible faith. Keep at it girl, you got this!!


  10. Prayers are always with you. By the way when were you in virginia? My uncle used to be the pastor/father at the Immaculate Conception


  11. So glad to have read your latest blog, and that things are going well. The glasses look good! I went to bifocals several years ago and walked, my husband says, like a horse, picking my feet up so high when I walked … I couldn’t judge heights of steps, curbs and the like initially. If I may ask, how much longer will you wear your Optune bonnet? Prayers continue for you and your entire family … and your many caregivers.


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