The first of miracles 

God loves us and wants us to be happy. Which is why today I ate a dark chocolate filled warm French croissant. It was everything I ever imagined it to be and more. I know I say no sugar, but I can’t fly all the way to France and NOT eat a chocolate croissant. Or two. Now THERES a cancer diet I could get behind!! I had every intention of having some wine too but after a sip I didn’t want to make myself sick so I just brought all the wine home with me!

This is fairly personal so I debated sharing but you’ll see why I am in a second. Confession. I can’t lie, I’m the worst Catholic EVER when it comes to confession. It’s never something I made a priority to go so I just didn’t go. Well I’m happy to share with you our first miracle of Lourdes: I, Stephanie, went to confession. Obviously I’m not about to pour my sins out on this blog, but I have to share what the priest told me, because he didn’t know my story until AFTER. He said something along the lines of, “Share it all. When you are given a gift (gift of healing, comfort, etc) or graces, share it with others. Don’t keep these things to yourself. But share the hard parts too. Share the suffering and the trials. Let people see God work through you. Share your story and your testimony.” Seriously? Share share share share share. Got it! Don’t quit sharing!

I felt kind of bad, because I think I may have laughed some when he used the word share and testimony. Not because it was funny, but because I can’t escape those words! I never imagined I would share this much of my thoughts and life in a public forum, but when the Lord says SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY, you share it til the cows come home! Or at least until He tells you otherwise. 


9 thoughts on “The first of miracles 

  1. Thank you for sharing!! I’m a pretty bad Catholic as far as confession as well. I’d crawl through a tornado with a stomach bug to not miss Sunday or Holy Day Mass. But I always have an excuse for confession. And I love it when it’s over! It’s the most uplifting feeling. Nothing beats a clean soul!


  2. Girl, you have a vocation that was given to you by God to share the bad and the good. Your faith has been a blessing to everyone that has read this blog. It is in wonder that I read of your trials and the beautiful faith that shines through every turn in the road. I hope that someday you will make this into a book. I pray for your healing and for your peace.


  3. Loving your candor and humility. Things that do not necessarily pair up; your blog brings us all new ways of defining ourselves. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Amen amen amen. A true blessing and a gift God has given you to share His love and strength you find in Him to others. Your sharing of yourself so honestly helps others to see and prayerfully know who Jesus is. May God continue to give you strength and His courage too follow His calling for you. God’s Blessings, T


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