Bathing in the waters in Lourdes 

     You all know I’m not actually this good about blogging. On our 9.5 hour flight home, I decided I would spend that time blogging on my phone and then just post them as they came. I also didn’t want to forget every beautiful and sacred moment. 

     Bathing in the waters at Lourdes was not at all what I envisioned. Visually, mentally, physically. I imagined a small body of water in the ground and thought I’d go lay in it. This is purely based on what I came up with in my head. But what happened and what you see is so different from a water hole. I also had no idea that you are completely undressed when you go in. I don’t know how but they manage to get you completely undressed and still staying completely modest. 

     When it was my turn, they took me back to the bath and I stepped into it. It was the coldest water I have EVER been in and I’ve taken a straight up ice bath. You walk across the bath, pray, sing, whatever the sprit is calling you to do. And there are women in there to assist. When I was done praying, I did a sign of the cross and then they laid me back into the water. They don’t put your head under, so I had them pour water into my hands so I could get my head. It would be pretty silly for me to come all the way to Lourdes and not put water on my head. The feeling of being in the water was so intense and electrifying. I was preparing myself for tears but I only felt warmth and happiness, literally. I stood up to get out and my entire body was clothed in warmth and energy. It went from being the coldest I had ever been to complete warmth and comfort. It was a physical warmth too. I probably looked like walking self tanner, that’s how glowy I felt afterwards. And people noticed. 

     I was talking with one of the volunteers and they told me they refer to the warm feeling as the “Bernadette bath.” It’s pretty rare but it happens. In addition to this, when I went to get dressed, there were no towels, so we just had to put our clothes on top of our wet bodies. As I was getting dressed I realized my skin was still covered in water droplets but my clothes weren’t sticking to it. I even touched my arm and although it looked wet, I promise you, it was dry to the touch. Incredible. This place truly feels like a small piece of heaven. 


9 thoughts on “Bathing in the waters in Lourdes 

  1. Thank you for your openness to share I your healings and the depth of your faith. We can do all things through Him who gives us strength. Our Lady of Lourdes – pray for us.


  2. Thank is really beautiful! I’m so glad you had that opportunity to go. Our Lady was with you prvidingvtgat warmth and energy. She had her mantle around you! How awesome is that?


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