Third times a charm, at least we hope! I’ve been out of surgery now for about 4 hours and I’ve been up and walking, folding origami swans, writing this blog and the best…eating. Food has been a struggle with all the nausea so I hadn’t been eating as well. But apparently I just needed to go under the knife so I could get down a grilled cheese and tomato soup…and more soup…and a cookie…that I didn’t have to make (not that anyone has let me cook anytime recently lol) Life post op isn’t half bad!
Pain has been all over the place recently. Mornings and evenings are usually the worst and I get better throughout the day…typically. But last night I was majorly blessed at bedtime. Although it took me forever to fall asleep, I had a stretch of about 30 minutes where I didn’t have an aching muscle in my body. I was so happy and so comfortable, I probably kept myself up with excitement! Sadly, the pain was back when I woke up this morning but that’s ok. I’ll take the relief whenever the Lord gives it to me!

One thing we found recently here at the cancer center is the arts and crafts center. They have volunteers who show you how to do different forms of art. The first time I went I made a rosary (sort of) and I wrote prayers inside the paper beads I made. Of course I did the green beads for Saint Raphael. We also discovered origami swans and their story. 

And because I’m a smart butt, I made the cranes literal healing cranes! Couldn’t post a post surgery update without a selfie! 


24 thoughts on “Healing 

  1. Your faith and strength are inspiring! You don’t know me personally, I am a friend of LeAnn Forystek, but there are a group of us here in Columbus, OH praying for you! Much love and many Healthy Blessings bl


  2. Your positive attitude is so amazing! YOU are incredible! I have been so very inspired by your blog and your story and I continue to pray for you! Look at you – finding positives in every little thing where many people would be thinking more about the difficult times, the pain, the negatives. You are someone very special! I’m rooting for you and so is God!


  3. Wow look at you!! You never cease to amaze me. I love the healing cranes and really love the fact that you have such a sense of humor right after surgery. So happy thats over for you. Love and prayers from us to all of you. Hang in there🌈God’s got this.


  4. Oh my you have a wonderful sense of humor. You actually made me laugh this morning with your picture of you and your healing cranes. Your rosary is very unique with your beads being made by you with prayers on each bead. What a great idea as even when you are to tired to pray, just holding them your prayers are right there. Thanking God you were able to enjoy your meal and get some pain free time. Continuing to lift you up in prayer.


  5. someday you will read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes to Sarah! You continue to perform ceaseless acts of love for God , family and friends. Lorraine Conway Prayers continue for you and family.


  6. I’m so glad that you were able to have a respite from the pain even if it only lasted for a half hour. I pray that you will have many more respites as your treatment progresses. The story of the healing cranes was beautiful and one with which I was unfamiliar. Now that I know it, I’ll imagine a flock of healing cranes surrounding you as I continue to pray for your healing.


  7. I truly believe in the Power of Art … thank you for sharing your journey into healing 🙂 We love you and may the Lord forever bless you! ❤ Yeay Origami!!!


  8. Those are awesome!! Haha I can make a half-hearted paper airplane. I’m so glad to hear you could enjoy FOOD and had a blissful slice of being pain free, as well. Hang in there!! We’re still praying for you!


  9. You’ve obviously still got your humor ! I laughed out loud and spit my coffee out when I saw your picture with the cranes!!! Sure hope you know I meant total respect to you while doing it! 🙂 YES… art is so restorative to the mind and body and soul. So glad you’ve been involved with it and I hope you feel peace and comfort during those times. I’m still praying every day for your complete healing and I wish you more than 1000 cranes. Love from the “757”

    “O flock of heavenly cranes
    cover Stephanie with your wings.”


  10. You look amazing….I don’t look that good waking up in the morning….LOL…Your blog is very inspiring and I look forward to reading them.
    Thanks! Keeping you in my daily prayers. Stay positive and remember God has your back…..Hugs and Blessings, Donna


  11. Your blog has inspired me to look for God’s signs and messages in everyday occurences, and to live a more prayerful life. Sharing your Catholic faith so honestly and fully is a brave thing to do, but one that will deepen my faith and prayer life, and that of many others I am sure. I can’t thank you enough.


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