Quick update 

     It’s funny, just last night I was telling Michael I feel like I’m attached to a string that is continually moving back and forth across a line that represents my health. I’m constantly swinging back and forth between being stable and improving to getting my butt thrown back in the ER for whatever new ailment I have. All that to say that’s what happened this morning after having a mostly feel good week. Recovery from my surgery has gone very smoothly and I feel like I’m healing rather quickly. I just can’t keep myself hydrated apparently. But I’m better now. So that’s good. 

     A sweet, still moment with my little one. 

     While hospitalized, I had the arts and crafts center (seriously my favorite) bring some supplies up to my room so that my mom and I could make prayer bead bracelets together. We made them for each other and wrote messages in the beads we made. It was really special and it has inspired me to make more. So stay tuned..


22 thoughts on “Quick update 

  1. Precious picture of you and your little one. Continued prayers and looking forward to hearing more about your prayer bead project. Blessing, T


  2. Im sure you hope not to be, but are you still going to be at Moffitt in the coming week?

    My husband and I, and two of our three children, will be there next week to begin his second cycle of leukemia chemotherapy.

    I believe we have many mutual Pensacola-Tally see prayer warriors and I’d love to meet up, share stories and struggles, perhaps pray together, if you’re up for it (and if we are once we get started).

    We share in your affinity for the art therapy center. Have you met the really enthusiastic, sweet dietitian, Lindsey? Not sure if Pensacola (or are you in PC?) does rock painting and hide and seek yet, but if your little lady is into it, there is a fabulous selection of rocks available to decorate around the outer window wall by gold valet. (:

    Let me know! And in the meantime, thank you for your continued honesty about the chaos and craziness of your cancer. I am finishing up on a Be His Own Joy in the Feminine Heart retreat and want to share their dominant song and praise: For I know the plan I have for you, and it is good, so good.

    Blessings and rest to you and yours!



  3. That is a very touching photo of you with your daughter. I am glad you had a mostly good week despite surgery and recovery…more prayers are said all the time for you!


  4. Dehydration is no joke! So glad you are better now. Love the picture of you and your little one. I know she is great medicine for you!

    “Most loving Heart of Jesus, bring me health in body and spirit that I may serve You with all my strength. Touch gently this life which you have created, now and forever.”


  5. Virtual hugs from far away in the Boro. Precious moments like the one pictured heal a sore body and bring strength. You are such a beautiful and inspiring person. 🙏🏻❣️


  6. I’m so glad you’re able to utilize the arts and crafts center. Sounds like it’s helping you to stay somewhat sane on this emotional roller coaster! Blessings to you and your family!


  7. I love you so much, so much, so very much!
    Bless your sweet heart precious daughter!
    Our bracelet making craft was a special
    time together. (Especially when we got the glue to
    stick ! LOL!) The messages written inside the beads are are also written in my heart! I was inspired as well 💕


  8. Stephanie, I have typed this comment at least five times and it strangely keeps disappearing. I love the sweet precious picture and the whole bracelet idea. Very special. I look forward to making them with you guys soon. Hope your feeling better and re- hydrated. Hang in there munchkin, better days are on the way🌈💕😘Love you!


  9. This picture is beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time. Continuing to pray for you and your family along with wisdom for the doctors. Thank you for sharing this journey and your story with all of us.


  10. Hi Stephanie (and family),

    My name is Kim. I became a member of the Moffitt family when my husband was diagnosed with leukemia in May.

    A friend of mine from college at FSU who attends your parish in the Panhandle, sent out a request via FB to follow your story and pray for y’all. I don’t normally have the capacity to do so, but felt called. You are a gifted writer and optimist!

    I hadn’t checked in on your blog for quite some time, I feel, but when I did, I noticed the cranes. The beads. I knew right away you were here at Moffitt (I’m writing this from the infusion center this morning).

    Because we are both young North Florida moms (we call Tallahassee home), because you, like my husband, are fearlessly and vulnerably sharing your experience, I’ve been contemplating writing you- I know firsthand now how strange, if even creepy, it can be for outsiders to introduce themselves and for old friends to come out of the woodwork. Also, it can be difficult enough just keeping those dearest to us informed.

    On a Joy of the Feminine Heart retreat I surrendered to this past weekend though, I was reminded that God is all good and to trust in Him is to believe in the sincerity of His people who offer bits of themselves to my family in times of need. What do we have to lose when it is compassion and grace being presented?

    So anyway, if you (and/or Michael) are still here in Tampa and feel like you could use some peer visitors, or want some community in prayer (like a Divine Chaplet or rosary maybe), let me know! We would be happy to hang out in the AYA lounge or art center (James, my husband, is making cranes all the time to give away) or elsewhere… Are you, like me, overwhelmed by the size of this place and population?!

    Wishing you well in your continued recovery!



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