Let’s do this 

     I should probably print out that testimony I wrote and never used and just carry it with me. We are out of town for treatment right now so we are going to a local church in town. We went to the evening mass on Sunday and we all wore our Fighter shirts (our bright green ones). Usually I dress up more for mass but we all decided to stand out last night (which turned out to be an act of God). So we all show up at mass last night and the priest immediately calls us over to know the story behind our shirts. I gave him a very brief version of my story and he was just in disbelief. He looked at me and said “I’m going to have you speak today. It won’t be a big deal, but just so you know, I’m going to call you up.” Of course. I know the drill. 
     So at the end of mass, as promised, the priest called me up. This time I made Michael and Sarah join me. I wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to say or where exactly he was going with it all. He told everyone he wanted them to just listen to me talk and to see how positive I was. So I spoke very briefly and shared my story. When I was done, he asked everyone to go home and put our names on their fridges so they would remember to pray for us. It was really neat and now we have even more people praying for us. 

     This past weekend was so needed. One of my closest and dearest friends came down to see me and although it rained most of the time, we had so much fun. We laughed and cried, and cried some more. But it just felt so good to see her and hug her. That’s one of the hardest parts of this whole thing-being so far away from friends and family. A hug is worth so much to me right now. 

     I began immunotherapy today. Not sure how it’s treating me yet but we are so hopeful that the Lord will use this new drug to help remove every single cancer cell from my body. I know I ask for prayers a lot, but if you could please pray that these new treatments work without causing more problems, we would appreciate it! 

     Check out these awesome healing crane leggings that my friend sent me. I think these count toward the thousand I’m supposed to make! 


17 thoughts on “Let’s do this 

  1. I am so proud of you and your faith-driven spirit. Continue to listen to God and He will direct your path. I shall continue to pray hard for you and your angels who support you. You are a blessing to us all!


  2. Dear Stephanie. I shared your journey and blog site with a dear freind Enza who has recieved a miracle of healing from Maria Esperanzo who is under consideration for sainthood. Maria Esperanza was blessed with a visit by the Blessed Mother. Her cause is the family. Our close freind since childhood Father Tim Byerly is the vice postulatir to Rome for her cause and knew Maria well. Enza had the entire Betania society praying for you( the site of Maria’s visit) this society prays the rosary daily for many. Enza shared you are now sealed in her heart. Today she is bringing prayers for you to St.brigid and st.Catherine”s tombs in Sweden. We pray on.
    In Christ’s peace asking our Blessed Mother daily to heal you completely.


  3. I love your posts, you are such a beautiful girl and spirit. You don’t know me or my family , but want you to know me and my family members do prayer for you. We are acquainted with Michaels family from Springboro school days. They are such kind and awesome people. Stay strong , Debby Ballard


  4. We hold you in our prayers. Praying the immunotherapy does a miracle in your body. It is an amazing treatment. Blessings hugs prayers thoughts all coming your way.


  5. Your smile is so contagious and totally full of the holy Spirit.I’m always praying for you and your family. You have alot of people praying g for you. God bless you always


  6. I am praying for you…you are amazing. And are those Lularoe leggings? They have the most fun stuff! Hoping and praying the treatments do just what you said…take every little cancer cell and get rid of it! I am in California where my second grandson was born 7/15 – and my first grandson was born 4/28 in the same town! So I’m visiting both daughters and their hubbies and the new baby boys! It’s been fun…


  7. Praying with you and your new friends from the church you visited that this new drug(s) work well for you, and do indeed kill off every single cancer cell still taking residence in your body. You have got this, Stephanie. You are so positive, and don’t let anything get you down. God holds you in His hands and will see you through this entire journey. You keep on keepin’ on, Steph.


  8. Isn’t it amazing how God brings the right people into your life at the right time! All these people who are praying for you and for whom you continue to inspire; including me. ❤️ God is most definitely using you! Love the green shirt; it’s my favorite!


  9. Prayers as you requested….that this new immunotherapy treatment will the healing vehicle that you need! God knows just what your body needs and He will supply everything through all those whom He has announced for this purpose. Blessings to you this day.


  10. I continue to be so impressed by your strength and your faith. I keep you and your family in my prayers. I hope you are feeling ok after your new treatments.


  11. Stephanie,
    I have asked Silent Unity to pray for you and I have asked for my Niece’s church in Pennsylvania to pray for you! If it’s prayers you want you’ve got them! BTW you looked great in that pool! Nurse Jane


  12. Praying for you! I really believe in Immunotherapy and really pray it works for you! My aunt was healed of brain cancer through immunotherapy last year and is living a happy healthy life!


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