A little pixie dust 

     I often forget just how bad this situation is. “This situation” is me referring to my health. I just see Jesus in all of it so it’s hard to be sad all the time. Which is why I choose to smile, even if it’s me smiling as I’m choking back tears. Also, I’m such an ugly crier and no one needs to see that. 

     The past few days have been some good for the soul days. Michael and I had a night away to FINALLY celebrate our anniversary. I was only a month late finishing his gift this year haha. But we got a nice hotel for the night and went out to eat. The hotel even upgraded us to a two floor suite!! It was so beautiful, so relaxing, and so needed. I have seen Michael so much and I’m so thankful he can be with me but we haven’t spent much time together. Everything is cancer talk and logistics. It’s hard to stay connected through all the craziness so a night away together was just what the doctor ordered! 

     Yesterday was a feel good day as a family. We all went to Disney for the day and it was so much fun! It’s the first time Sarah or I had seen the fireworks and I have to say, they were pretty fantastic. It was super hot out but we all made it (very thankful I didn’t have my optune on because of the rain and the sun!) Cool story time. The monorail was closed to get from our hotel to the park (if you don’t know what the monorail is, it’s a shuttle like train in the sky..you know, cool Disney stuff). The worker told us we would have to walk or take the bus. My hips still hurt a lot when I walk so the thought of having to walk it all made me cringe. Then all of a sudden the worker got the call that the monorail was up and running! Then I noticed the workers name tag: Rafael. People, that is NOT a common name. But he was looking out for me and knew that riding would be better for me! 

     Many people have asked me how I’m doing with the new treatments. Overall they are going well. I’m battling nausea again and food has become difficult for me but I’m praying I can get it all under control. I feel worse when I stay busy so I’m paying for it today. But it was worth it. 100% worth it. We also had some “pixie dust” sprinkled on our reservation and were upgraded again to a castle view room. It was so nice. People are just so nice. One other thing that I forgot to mention about myself (or I wrote it and forgot) is that I have lost feeling in my right thumb, index finger and part of my hand. It’s more annoying than anything. Especially when I’m trying to text, type, or make bracelets. 



14 thoughts on “A little pixie dust 

  1. That sounds very fun for your daughter to experience. Like everyone that tells me, it is so important to make those happy memories! I am going to go see your brain doctor in Oklahoma soon and hopefully he will be able to remove my brain tumor!


  2. I am a long time friend of the Goff family. Your blog has touched my heart. Please know the Bialas family is praying for you daily. Stay strong, love mightily, you already know God has this! Hugs, Pixie


  3. “All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”
    — J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

    So glad you have had some fun days together. I have read that when we rely on God, it is perfectly acceptable to believe in magic! 😍💟


  4. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Im so glad you and Michael got away for even just a night. That always helps to reflect. Im sorry to hear about your hand, praying its just temporary.
    May God continue to protect amd watch over you while guiding the doctors. We love you and gorta love that pixie dust lol .


  5. Your blog is confirmation to us all that God is with us….listen and keep your eyes open….and you will hear and see him…..Rafael is not a common name and he was there when you need help.
    Keep you in prayer.



  6. A little magic and Jesus everywhere!
    I ordered and received one of your bracelets,and I’m giving it to my friend who is battling stage 4 colon cancer, and her husband also has a glio, stage 4. They just got back from an Alaskan cruise, and make plans around all their Dr. appts to keep busy and productive!
    I’ll continue praying for you and your family.
    Prayers and blessings,
    M.J. Jacobsen


  7. Sunday blessings! Prayers lifted in your behalf. So glad that you and Michael can be together as often as possible!


  8. I have to admit that it’s only moments at a time

    (OR when I’m asleep, dreaming of us shopping together💕) that I forget what is happening in our lives for right now. AKA-The situation.)
    Today I am making a Prayer Bracelet ordered by one of my sweet cousins and this is one of the verses to be included inside a bead:

    Isaiah 49:25. But the Lord says, “Even the captives of the most mighty and most terrible shall be freed; for I will fight those who fight you, and I will save your children.

    Isn’t that great?!

    What a wonderful family day! Sweet pictures! Sarah is in her happy place for sure!

    What a fun time


  9. You are such a true testimony to God’s promise that he is always with us…and he even adds sprinkles of fairy on occasion..
    Keep up the good fight, you are helping so many of us who are fighting and looking to you as a role model 🙂


  10. God has clearly had His hand on you and in this situation from the very first get-go. Hopefully, this numbness in your hand is very temporary, and you will soon have full use. I’m so glad you and Michael had your anniversary celebration, and by the sound of it, a VERY special celebration! Happy belated anniversary! Stephanie, you are such a strong, positive young woman. You are a real inspiration. Please know I have you in my nightly prayers, and daily thoughts.


  11. What a beautiful message. Both words and pictures. Your joy comes through so clearly. I pray for your healing and for fear not to be able to come near you. In Jesus Name. The Name above all names. In His love and mine. Marion West


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