It’s back! 

A little optune humor in honor of me starting back today! 
Oh optune, how I love and hate thee so,

You kill my cancer cells but you still kind of blow.

You make me look like I’m wearing an awesome powder wig,

But you help to keep my tumor small and not quite so big. 

So thank you optune for all that you do for my brain,

And for making me look awesome, yet still a tad insane. 

Clearly I missed my calling to be a poet! But really, I’m glad to have optune back on so I can feel like I’m actively shrinking my tenant. 

Speaking of tenant, I have a cool story about my head! A couple of months ago, before my big brain surgery, my dad handed me a cross that was on a necklace that was his. It was one he got when doing the walk to Emmaus. He dreamt that he put it on my head and that it burned a cross on it. Fast forward to last week and I totally forgot that my dad told me this. I have been “growing” my hair out for the past couple of weeks. But there’s a spot on top of my head that hasn’t grown back…in the shape of a cross. My head looks disgusting in the photo but I had to show a picture. 

Obviously I would prefer to have hair there, but I had to shave it all off today anyway so it is what it is! 

I wanted to share these again because of how quickly they went before. They have been selling so quickly and I’m so grateful! We have already been able to give quite a bit from the proceeds so thank you to all veryone who has ordered a bracelet!

And the t shirts are back for 6 more days if you didn’t have the chance to get one. It currently has 2 shirts sold but 5 have to sell in order for them to make them!


9 thoughts on “It’s back! 

  1. You are just amazing and I am thankful to my best friend’s great–niece who months ago told me about you and your fight against glioblastoma. You may not remember me but I’ve been here reading all along, and my husband passed away at age 64 from glioblastoma in March 2014 and we only had 5-1/2 weeks together before he suffered a brain bleed and went to Heaven. Since then two of our daughters (out of 3) have gotten married and in the past just-over-3-months both delivered healthy baby boys. First the oldest had Samuel Walter, and then 2-1/2 months later the youngest daughter gave birth to Walter Thomas…the Walter was chosen by both because it was my husband (their father)’s middle name…

    Thank you so much for your wonderful attitude, and your way of sharing that puts the Glory of God always on top…and speaking of on top, I clearly do see the cross on the top of your head!


  2. You are an amazing woman. I am blessed each time I read your blog. Your faith and love shines forth every time. Great story about your cross and I see it also. God bless


  3. Stephanie God is blessing you every day. That surly is a cross and it was your creator who sent you this sign.
    Lots of prayers and hugs .


  4. What an amazing testimony! I see the Cross on your head!! We continue the prayers to God Father for healing.

    Vicky Perrin


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