Day by day

I know everyone’s been wondering how things have been, and the simple answer is not good. Stephanie’s symptoms have gotten worse. She’s no longer eating or drinking. They did a test and ruled out a seizure, but she’s almost constantly very shaky. She hasn’t opened her eyes in a couple of days even when she’s “awake”, and she doesn’t speak much. When she does it’s usually either jibberish or completely off the wall random. We’re doing our best to keep her comfortable, which is hard when we don’t know if she’s hot or cold, in pain or not. But we’re taking it a day at a time and continuing to prayer for a miracle. 

We celebrated Sarah’s birthday on Tuesday, and Stephanie, while tired, was still functioning well enough at that point when she wasn’t sleeping to interact and enjoy the day with Sarah, watching her open presents and play. 

One recurring theme through this journey has been our appreciation of the wonderful nurses we’ve had. From Becca in Oklahoma to Katie, Allison, Taylor, Sidney, Jenna, Steph, Kylen, and so many others here the last couple of weeks, they’ve taken good care of Stephanie throughout her journey. And for that we’d like to say thank you. 


59 thoughts on “Day by day

  1. Dear sweet Michael and Sarah. My heart goes out to you both. Stephanie is such a beautiful person, both inside and out….. Your family photo was placed on the alter during Adoration. So many of your St. Domimics family were lifting all of you up in prayer. May our Lord give you peace and comfort during this difficult time. We love you.


  2. Michael, you and Stephanie are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. You both have shown so much strength, grace, and courage. Your attitude and faith has inspired me and so many others. We love your beautiful family and will continue to ask the Lord to be with you. August & Camille

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  3. Michael, Stephanie and Sarah,
    You are on our thoughts and prayers as you continue this journey. We have all learned grace from you Stephanie, and how a man is to love his wife as God loved the church. May God protect you and hold you in the palm of His hand and grant you peace. Happy birthday Miss Sarah.
    We love you all,
    Your Oklahoma family,
    Susie and Ray Houston


  4. Praying so hard for our dear Stephanie. You will never know how strong you can be, until you are put in a situation like this. Hold your girl tight and tell her you love her. And be there for and love your sweet Sarah Sue.


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