“Trust in Him – Stephanie’s Song”

Today marks one year since Stephanie started this blog.  So much has changed in the last year, and a lot of that was because of this blog.  This is another story about how the blog will have a lifelong affect on me and I hope so many others.

Everyone who knew Stephanie knew that music was a major part of her life.  She sang at a young age, went to college majoring in music education, and was always involved in singing at church.  Music had a special place in her heart (and she had the most angelic voice I’ve ever heard).

Back in March of 2017 while we were in Oklahoma for treatment, Stephanie received an e-mail from a woman named Cori.  She had come across this blog and read every entry.  Cori and her friend, Kelly, had formed a music ministry where they performed at women’s retreats and events.  After reading the blog, Cori was inspired to write a song.  Although she wasn’t one who really wanted to reach out, she left her comfort zone and took a leap of faith and reached out to Stephanie to share her idea and get Stephanie’s thoughts on it.  Clearly Stephanie was thrilled with the idea.  Over the next few months, Cori and Kelly worked on the song and would occasionally send Stephanie and I updates.  We got to watch as the song grew from an idea to an upbeat song to a beautiful ballad.  Unfortunately September came and Stephanie died before hearing the final version.  Cori and Kelly, like so many of us, truly believed Stephanie would have a physical miracle, and they said they envisioned presenting this song to her in her triumphant recovery.  They made a couple minor lyric changes before finalizing it, and debuted the song live a couple weeks ago.  Although Stephanie wasn’t able to be here, Cori and Kelly invited me, Stephanie’s parents, and my parents to the concert for the debut.  It was an absolutely beautiful performance, and a great honor to Stephanie’s life and her story.

This song and the performance mean so much to me as I relive so many events and emotions and memories every time I listen to it.  Cori and Kelly describe it as a tribute and honor to Stephanie and her journey, and one of the points they made is that it’s something that Sarah will get to listen to and to remind her of her mommy as she grows older.  I am so thankful that Cori came across this blog, and that Cori and Kelly have worked so hard on this beautiful song.  It means so much to me.

Now what many people are probably thinking at this point is how they can hear it.  The song will be released on all digital platforms this Friday, Feb 23.  Here are some links to the song on various digital platforms:

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/…/trust-in-him-stephani…/1349592114

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/…/B…/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_ZOZHAbBXKCJSZ

Google: https://play.google.com/store/music/album…

I would love for this song to be shared with as many people as possible, and it’s a quick way to remember Stephanie in a way she would love and to keep her story alive.


7 thoughts on ““Trust in Him – Stephanie’s Song”

  1. Amazing! Just listening to a snippet of it made my heart soar! ❤❤ Can’t wait! What an awesome tribute to Stephanie! She remains with us always! #TrustInHim


  2. WoW; what a beautiful tribute to Stephanie !! I can’t wait to hear it all! Makes me smile yet cry and makes me want to sing it out very loud!! She’s definitely hearing this as she is with us always. 💜💙💜 #TrustInHim


  3. Thank you for these words! What a beautiful way to continue telling Stephanie’s story! 🌈🦋
    Thank you CorI & Kelly for “Trust In Him” Stephanie’s Song, it means so much and will touch so many lives!


  4. I have read ever entry in the blog and followed Stephanie and your story. I continue to pray for you and your daughter. Thank you for continuing to share. Stephanie touched so many people during her short time on earth. 🙏


  5. Just beautiful! Michael thanks for sharing your heart and your lives through this past year! Your stories will be Stephanie to Sarah. Having this song is a wonderful way to let her story continue on. We all need to keep learning to trust in God’s love. 💕


  6. I know this blog yesterday, when I searched a blog titled as “Faith, Hope, and Love”. I’d liked to know if this song will be published at Spotify too (because I live in Indonesia)? Thanks for reminding us to keep trusting Him 🙂


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