It’s back! 

A little optune humor in honor of me starting back today!  Oh optune, how I love and hate thee so, You kill my cancer cells but you still kind of blow. You make me look like I’m wearing an awesome powder wig, But you help to keep my tumor small and not quite so big. … Continue reading It’s back! 


     Despite some last minute changes, today was a good day. I was supposed to begin immunotherapy today but was unable to because my liver levels weren’t where they needed to be to start it. The upside to this discovery is that I get a nice break from everything. It’s been a week and… Continue reading Listen 

Quick update 

     It’s funny, just last night I was telling Michael I feel like I’m attached to a string that is continually moving back and forth across a line that represents my health. I’m constantly swinging back and forth between being stable and improving to getting my butt thrown back in the ER for whatever… Continue reading Quick update