10 days out

I have to admit, I didn’t think I would be in this good of shape 10 days after having major brain surgery that most brain surgeons deemed was “inoperable.” I think good shape is a relative term, but I’m a pretty functional human being for the most part. I’m able to feed and dress myself,… Continue reading 10 days out


I’m happy to announce that I am writing today’s update from the comfort of our hotel room! Sure, it’s not home, but I was discharged yesterday and am able to rest more and rest more comfortably here without 5 IVs coming out of my arms and being woken up to get shots and medications and… Continue reading Thankful


I’m definitely lacking creativity when it comes to titles but I just had brain surgery so that’s all you get lol. One of the biggest risks with this surgery is hydrocephalus, which would mean there is fluid in my brain. If that happens, that would mean another surgery and they would have to place a shunt… Continue reading O2