Despite some last minute changes, today was a good day. I was supposed to begin immunotherapy today but was unable to because my liver levels weren’t where they needed to be to start it. The upside to this discovery is that I get a nice break from everything. It’s been a week and… Continue reading Listen 

Quick update 

     It’s funny, just last night I was telling Michael I feel like I’m attached to a string that is continually moving back and forth across a line that represents my health. I’m constantly swinging back and forth between being stable and improving to getting my butt thrown back in the ER for whatever… Continue reading Quick update 


Third times a charm, at least we hope! I’ve been out of surgery now for about 4 hours and I’ve been up and walking, folding origami swans, writing this blog and the best…eating. Food has been a struggle with all the nausea so I hadn’t been eating as well. But apparently I just needed to… Continue reading Healing 

Independence Day

Brothers. SOMEONE ASKED MICHAEL IF WE WERE BROTHERS. WAH! That’s all I have to say about that.  Happy 4th of July, Americas Birthday! Growing up in the United States is something I’ve taken for granted. Just like my health. You don’t think about it until something happens and then you are so grateful for it.… Continue reading Independence Day